Stay on the Line or You Die

The latest game by sandcastle, Stay on the Line or You Die, is a whimsical puzzler where you control the path of an unfortunate circle named Bob. To complete each level, you'll need to get Bob to the finish line, keeping him on any blue line or blue area. Veer off the line, and Bob explodes into a million tiny fragments!


You control a small little blip that always moves forward. You can change the direction that the blip goes by rotating the onscreen joystick in a circular motion. Just tap on the joystick, and move it around! Mastering the rotation of the screen is key to beating most levels of the game.

YOU CAN MOVE THE JOYSTICK! Just TAP THE JOYSTICK AND HOLD at any point before starting the level. After about a second, the joystick flash red and can then be placed anywhere in the bottom half of the screen.

YOU CAN CHANGE THE SENSITIVITY OF THE JOYSTICK! Again, TAP THE JOYSTICK AND HOLD before the level starts. You'll see a Sensitivity slider pop-up along with a "Reset" button. Adjust the slider accordingly (moving the slider to the left makes your rotations less sensitive, moving it to the right makes your rotations super sensitive!). Tap the Reset button to move the joystick back to its original location.

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