Got Rhythm/Don't Drop the Beat

In Got Rhythm/Don't Drop the Beat, your job as executive beatmaster is on the line when several young upstarts vying for your position challenge you to a "Beat Off". To win, you'll need your wits, timing, and the skills to complete 5 levels of increasing beat difficulty. Can you keep the beat and leave your opponents in tears?

Got Rhythm/Don't Drop the Beat is a beat-matching game that has you continuing the beat after the music stops. To start each level, tap on the absurdly-large START button. This will trigger the intro beat, which will continue to play for about 5 seconds - once this time is up, the music will cut out and you'll need to keep tapping the screen in time for the next 10 beats!

Hitting a beat at exactly the right time gives you a "PERFECT" and a +5 score bonus, which is key to "beating" the target score on each level. Right now, there are only 5 levels as this is more of a concept app that might be turned into a bigger game if people are interested.

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